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Hello friends! Come on? Finished the holidays right? For me, the holidays are over for a long time and I started going back to work.

I am an engineer and my job consists in staying several hours at the pc and who knows what I'm talking about, knows how useful it is to take short breaks every now and then to take a moment off your head!

When I'm not alone in the office I like to drink a coffee with my colleagues but it often happens to be alone in the room and then surfing the internet I discovered a site with online games that took me a lot. When I take a break, I go to and I enjoy choosing some games to put my mind off those 10/15 minutes.

Do you know which is my favorite? LEGO City Adventures Build and Protect!!!

I love this game because you build the buildings needed to create a thriving metropolis or you can dig for hidden mini-pieces that can be used to construct unique building types available in each area.

In short, build a real city !!! this game mirrors my work as an engineer a lot and for a break from work it's perfect!

There are so many games on the Free Mone Games site that you are spoiled for choice

This weekend I want to try to play with my niece who loves being on the PC and watching these video games. I can tell you how and how much we had fun!

Needless to tell you that I want to try this game too Merge Blocks, then I'll tell you about my experience.

Bye bye friends!

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