Vintage style by Dresslily!


Friends because in private you have asked me more information on my previous wishlist in terms of vintage clothing, I wanted to deepen this topic and show you something more, for all the fans of this style! So I went again on the Dresslily site, well supplied in vintage theme and proposing not only clothing but also vintage accessories! Are you ready? Here we go!!! Let's start with the clothes, from the wide and midi skirts! They give great charm to the wearer and are perfect for those who are slightly rounder on the hips but has a beautiful breast: in fact these models enhance the waist and décolleté, with a nice heel you're done!

Even the swimsuit in vintage style are and will be for the best! From polka-dot models or simple, high-waist briefs have become a must in these last years!

What to say instead of vintage underwear? In my opinion definitely the most sexy that there is in circulation, made of corsages, transparencies and necklines ... really exceptional! Dresslily shows some pieces that really hit me!
Adorable no? Let me know what you think !! Kisses

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